Medical consumables include a wide range of disposable products used for diagnostic testing, treatment, and infection prevention. These products are essential to ensure the hygiene and efficiency of health care.

Medical specialties

  • Laboratories : Use of reagents, samples, and test strips.
  • General medicine : Disposable supplies for exams and daily care.
  • Surgery : Use of sterile and disposable equipment for procedures.
  • Emergencies : Quick-access consumables for emergency care.

Malaria rapid test kit

Accu-Tell® Malaria P.F/PAN Rapid Test Kit: Fast and reliable malaria diagnosis in 15 minutes. Simple, without a centrifuge, suitable for capillary and venous blood. Contains 20 test cassettes and buffer solution.

Metallic suction pad electrodes

Metallic suction pad electrodes for ECG, 30 mm in diameter, compatible with various types of connection. Ideal for precise ECGs, used with gel or conductive spray.

Siemens urine test strip

Siemens Multistix urine test strips with 10 parameters. Box of 100, fast visual reading, compatible with the CLINITEK Status reader.

Hemoglobin test strips

Hemoglobinometer Test Strips Mission Hb Hemoglobinometer Test Strips (box of 50)