Solutions adapted to each health professional

At Promotal MedConnect, we understand that each healthcare sector has unique needs.
Learn how our innovative technologies can transform the way you provide care, combining efficiency, simplicity, and excellence.

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Nursing Homes

Cost reduction

No need to move a resident to see a doctor or to the emergency room.
Thanks to our solution, you have directly benefited from a consultation with a doctor and a nurse from the establishment accompanying the resident.

Harmonious integration into the establishment Ecosystem

Thanks to Promotal MedConnect, connect patient data, nursing care providers and doctors, for smooth medical care and better coordination of care.

Full Resident Care

Use Promotal MedConnect to centralize care in nursing homes, ensuring direct and secure access to essential patient data and facilitating collaboration between caregivers and doctors.

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A Solution Adapted to Your Health Community

Increase the efficiency of your CPTS with an integrated and versatile solution.

Sharing and Coordination Facilitated

Improve collaboration and information sharing between members of your CPTS.

Optimal Resource Management

Use our tools to better allocate resources, especially in underserved areas.

Personalized Support and Training

Take advantage of dedicated support to easily integrate telemedicine into your practice.

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Telemedicine in Full Mobility

Portable and practical solutions for your home visits.

Optimize your visit time

Perform rapid and accurate diagnostics, maximizing your efficiency in the field.

Easy integration into your daily life

Compatibility with your current tools for a smooth transition to telemedicine.

Ongoing training and support

Get comprehensive support for optimal and confident use.

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Reliable and Complete Remote Diagnosis

Raise the quality of your consultations with data storage from connected diagnostic equipment

Simplified Patient Management

Manage patient data through the platform and retrieve the data issued during the previous exam when the patient returns to your office

Less Administrative Burden

Simplify appointment scheduling and administrative management, freeing up more time for your patients.

Collaborate Easily with Specialists

Extend your healthcare network through easy interconnection with other professionals thanks to our tele-expertise module

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