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Discover the MedConnect telemedicine cart, a comprehensive solution for reinventing remote care delivery. Combining ergonomics, advanced technology and ease of use, our cart is designed to transform every space into a state-of-the-art telemedicine station, adapted to the needs of modern healthcare professionals.

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How is our solution used?

Discover the report produced by France Info on the installation of our systems in New Caledonia.
The cart, the case or the backpack all share the same platform, our modular offers are made to support you in your telemedicine project.

How our solution is used

Our cart is made to equip your health center

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Our trolley equipment

Dermatoscope Icon


Allows skin examinations with high resolution images for accurate dermatological diagnoses.

An icon for an ultrasound scanner

Ultrasound machines

Portable ultrasound device for imaging diagnostics on site.

Stetoscope icon


Digital stethoscope for accurate auscultation of heart, lung, and other sounds

Laboratory icon

Mobile laboratory

Portable laboratory for blood and urine tests on site, allowing immediate tests and results.

ECG Icon


Portable electrocardiogram device for real-time monitoring of cardiac activity, essential for cardiac evaluations.

Vital signs monitor Icon

Vital sign monitor

Multi-purpose monitor that measures essential vital signs such as blood pressure, oxygen saturation, and temperature.

Find all our equipment

Our backpack is modular and we offer a wide range of connected diagnostic equipment.
Explore our selection and make your choice.

Discover all our equipment

A perfectly integrated software platform

Our case is completed by our state of the art software platform , constantly updated to meet the needs of health professionals.
Active listening to user feedback allows us To optimize Continuously the telemedicine experience.

Discover our software platform
Promotal Medconnect Software screenshot and closeup

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