The Promotal Medconnect Offer

Find out how we can help you with your telemedicine project

1 - Which software is right for you?

We offer access to our software platform in two forms, one form dedicated to the use of diagnostic equipment and the other dedicated to the implementation of telemedicine in a healthcare environment
Notre offre "MedConnect Devices" spécifique pour l'utilisation d'équipements de diagnostic connectés uniquement.
Notre offre "MedConnect Telemedecine" dédiée à la mise en place de la télémédecine / téléconsultation dans un environnement de soins.

3 - Do you need financing?

You can of course use public funding, but we also offer private funding, explore our dedicated page to find out more

Possible funding

4 - Do you need staff?

We are able to find health professionals (general practitioners, specialists or nurses) who may be available for you on the platform

5 - Contact us

Our team is at your disposal to answer all your questions, provide you with a personalized quote or organize a demonstration of our solutions.
Contact us today to explore how Promotal MedConnect can transform your telemedicine practice.

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What are the different pricing plans available for Promotal MedConnect?

We offer a variety of pricing plans tailored to your specific needs. Whether you are an individual practitioner, an EHPAD, or a health facility, we have a solution for you. For detailed information, please contact us directly.

Do you offer training or technical support for new Medconnect users?

Absolutely We offer comprehensive training and technical support to ensure a smooth transition to our platform and optimal use of our equipment.

How do I assess if Promotal MedConnect is right for my institution?

We offer personalized demonstrations to show you how Medconnect can integrate into your work environment and meet your needs. Contact us to schedule a demo

Is diagnostic equipment included in the Medconnect software subscription?

Our software subscriptions and diagnostic equipment are generally offered separately to offer maximum flexibility. However, bundles may be available. Contact us to discuss your specific needs

Are there additional costs for integrating Medconnect with other IT systems?

Integrating Medconnect with your existing IT systems may require additional services. For an accurate estimate, we invite you to discuss your specific needs with our team.

Does the Medconnect platform comply with data security and privacy standards?

Yes, data security and confidentiality are a top priority for us. Our platform complies with HDS (Health Data Hosting) standards and other relevant regulations to ensure the protection of your data.