Introducing the MedConnect Telemedicine Case

Portable Healthcare Redefined

A Mobile Revolution in Patient Care.
Designed for health professionals, this portable solution integrates top-of-the-line diagnostic equipment enabling high-quality remote consultations.
Enhance patient access to care with our easy-to-use, comprehensive telemedicine kit

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How to use the case

The MedConnect telemedicine case adapts to a variety of clinical scenarios. mallette de télémédecine Promotal MedConnect s'adapte à une variété de scénarios cliniques.

From managing urgent care in remote areas to facilitating home visits for patients with reduced mobility, our case offers a flexible and reliable solution for every situation.téléconsultations augmentés, des téléexpertises, et bénéficier de la puissance de notre plateforme pour améliorer l'accès au soin de vos patients.

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How our case is used

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The equipments in the case

Dermatoscope Icon


A mobile and complete system for remote consultations.

Otoscope Icon


Offers exceptional sound quality for remote monitoring.

Stetoscope icon


This compact and accurate monitor allows continuous monitoring of vital signs.

Laboratory icon

Mobile laboratory

A tablet specially designed for medical environments.

ECG Icon


This device allows a detailed analysis of the skin.

Vital signs monitor Icon

Vital sign monitor

A specific solution for nursing homes, facilitating access to care.

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Our case is modular and we offer a wide range of connected diagnostic equipment.
Explore our selection and make your choice.

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Seamless Integration for Optimal Care

Our state-of-the-art software platform is continuously refined with user feedback, ensuring that healthcare professionals have the most efficient and up-to-date tools at their fingertips. Experience the pinnacle of telemedicine technology, tailored to meet the dynamic needs of modern healthcare.

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The security of your data at the heart of the platform

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