Vital signs monitor

Vital sign monitors are essential medical devices for the continuous and accurate monitoring of key health indicators. They are used to measure blood pressure, heart rate, oxygen saturation, body temperature, and respiratory rate.

Medical specialties

  • Emergencies : Real-time vital monitoring for patients in critical condition.
  • Intensive care : Continuous monitoring of patients in intensive care units.
  • General medicine : Regular evaluation of vital signs during consultations.
  • Cardiology : Cardiac monitoring for patients with cardiac disorders.
  • Paediatrics : Suitable for monitoring vital signs in children.
  • Geriatrics : Monitoring of vital signs in elderly patients.

Portable vital signs monitor
Vital signs monitor

Portable Vital Signs Monitor: Measurement of blood pressure, pulse, SPO2, temperature, blood sugar, 4.3" LCD screen, rechargeable battery, data transfer, CE 0123 standard.

PM6100 Connected Vital Signs Monitor
Vital signs monitor

PM6100 Connected Vital Signs Monitor: Precise measurements of blood pressure, pulse, SPO2, temperature, and respiratory rate.