Medical analysers, such as thermometers, hemoglobinometers, and blood glucose meters, are essential devices for diagnosing and monitoring a variety of health conditions. They offer accurate and rapid measurements of various biological parameters.

Medical specialties

  • General medicine : Regular monitoring of vital indicators.
  • Endocrinology : Management of diabetes and metabolic disorders.
  • Hematology : Monitoring of hemoglobin and blood status.
  • Paediatrics : Routine checks for children.
  • Geriatrics : Monitoring the health of the elderly.
  • Emergencies : Rapid evaluations in critical situations.

USB MIR spirometer

USB MIR spirometer: Semiconductor sensor, bi-directional turbine, flow ±16 L/s, high precision, USB port, compact dimensions (142x49.7x26 mm), weight 65g.

Clinitek Status Urine Analyzer

Siemens Clinitek Status Urine Analyzer: Multiple semi-quantitative tests, touchscreen, RS232 connectivity, mains power or batteries, autocalibration, extended storage.

Multi-parameter connected glucometer

Multi-Parameter Connected Glucometer: Measurement of glucose, ketone, cholesterol, triglycerides, hemoglobin, uric acid, lactate, with high precision.

Mission hemoglobinometer

Mission hemoglobinometer: Rapid measurement of Hb and Hct, 10µL sampling, results in <15s, 1000 test memory, automatic calibration, powered by AAA batteries.

Clever TD-1242 Connected Thermometer

Clever TD-1242 Connected Thermometer: High precision, color temperature indicators, measurement to 5 cm, choice of °C/°F, autonomy > 3000 measurements.