Bladder scanner

Bladder scanners are non-invasive medical devices used to measure bladder volume and detect urinary retention. They are essential for the management and diagnosis of urinary disorders.

Medical specialties

  • Urology : Precise evaluation of bladder volume for urinary disorders.
  • Geriatrics : Monitoring of elderly patients with bladder dysfunctions.
  • Surgery : Postoperative use to assess urinary retention.
  • Internal medicine : Diagnosis of bladder pathologies in hospitalized patients.
  • Home care : Use in patients requiring regular monitoring of bladder function.

Vitascan LT Bladder Scanner
Bladder scanner

Bladder Scanner Vitascan LT: Measures up to 1000 ml, 2.6 MHz 3D probe, max depth 23 cm, automatic localization, sharp images, JPEG/Dicom reports, CE/IPX7 standards.

MD-6000P pocket bladder scanner
Bladder scanner

MD-6000P Handheld Bladder Scanner: Compact architecture, integrated screen reading, wifi, 3D acquisition, 2.5MHz probe, ± 15% accuracy, Windows/Android compatible, CE/IPX1 standard.