Stethoscopes are fundamental instruments in medicine, used to listen to internal body sounds, such as heartbeats and breathing. They are essential for the primary diagnosis and monitoring of many medical conditions.

Medical specialties

  • General medicine : Initial evaluation of patients for any health problem.
  • Cardiology : Diagnosis of cardiac disorders by examining cardiac sounds.
  • Pulmonology : Listen to lung sounds to detect respiratory abnormalities.
  • Paediatrics : Monitoring of children's health, especially for heart and respiratory problems.
  • Emergency care : Rapid assessment of patients in emergency situations.

Thinklabs One digital stethoscope

Thinklabs One Digital stethoscope: Stylish design, video conferencing compatible, wireless/wired modes, x100 amplification, dedicated filters, smartphone compatible, rechargeable battery.

Bluetooth stethoscope

Stéthoscope Electronique Bluetooth : Dispositif médical avancé pour l'auscultation, combinant technologie traditionnelle et numérique. Offre fonctionnement continu, alimentation par batterie lithium-ion, transmission Bluetooth, et amplification sonore avec réduction de bruit.

Jack RIESTER stethoscope

RIESTER ri-sonic® Jack socket stethoscope: Continuous operation, 3.5 mm connector, lightweight (145g), usable from 5 °C-40 °C, for cardiac and pulmonary auscultation, Class IIa.

RIESTER USB stethoscope

RIESTER ri-sonic® USB stethoscope: continuous mode, class II protection, USB, lightweight (180g), usable between 5°C-40°C, designed for cardiac and pulmonary auscultation, Class IIa.