Jack RIESTER stethoscope

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RIESTER ri-sonic® Jack Plug Stethoscope - Modern Design for Auscultation

The RIESTER ri-sonic® Jack Stethoscope is an innovative auscultation device, designed to easily connect to a PC, tablet, or phone via a microphone port. This stethoscope combines traditional functionality with modern digital technology.

  • Operating mode : Continued use for extended exams without interruption.
  • Electrical protection : Class II, providing protection against electrical shock.
  • Connectivity : ri-sonic® 3.5 mm stereo connector, compatible with a wide range of digital devices.
  • Input voltage : 2 V to 5 V DC
  • Classification : BF type applied part, offering safety and reliability.
  • Light weight : Only 145g, easy to handle and transport.
  • Operating conditions : Effective between 5 °C and 40 °C, up to 50 mbar of water vapor pressure, and 30% to 75% relative humidity.
  • Air pressure : Usable between 700 hPa and 1060 hPa.
  • Intended Use : Designed for professional listening to patients' internal sounds, such as heart and lung sounds.
  • MDD class : Classified in Class IIa, complying with strict medical standards.

The ri-sonic® RIESTER Jack Stethoscope is an ideal choice for healthcare professionals looking for a stethoscope that is both traditional and adapted to modern digital technologies.

Jack RIESTER stethoscope

  • Operating mode:
  • Can be used continuously, consisting of a horn that plugs into the microphone port of a PC, tablet or phone
  • Electrical protection:
  • Class II protection against electrical shock
  • Available models:
  • ri-sonic® 3.5 mm stereo connector
  • Voltage:
  • Input: 2 V — 5 V DC
  • Classification:
  • Type BF applied part
  • Weight:
  • 145 g
  • Operating conditions:
  • 5 °C to 40 °C at a water vapour pressure up to 50 mbar, relative humidity 30% to 75%
  • Air pressure:
  • 700 hPa to 1060 hPa
  • Intended Use:
  • ri-sonic® electronic stethoscopes are intended to allow a clinician to listen to internal sounds such as a patient's heart and lung sounds.
  • MDD class:
  • Class IIa

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