Ultrasound scanner

Ultrasound scanners are indispensable medical imaging devices, using sound waves to create images of the body's internal structures. They are essential for diagnosing, monitoring pregnancy, and evaluating various medical conditions.

Medical specialties

  • Obstetrics/Gynaecology : Pregnancy monitoring and fetal health assessment.
  • Cardiology : Echocardiography for the evaluation of cardiac function.
  • Radiology : Imaging of internal organs, including the abdomen and pelvic organs.
  • Urology : Diagnosis of urinary and renal tract disorders.
  • Sports medicine : Assessment of musculoskeletal injuries.

D5CE wireless ultrasound
Ultrasound scanner

D5CE Wireless Ultrasound System: Convex/Transvaginal Probes, B/B+M/Color/PW Modes, 2.4G/5G Wifi, Advanced Measurements, Mobile/Tablet/PC Storage, Quick Start.

D5CL wireless ultrasound
Ultrasound scanner

D5CL Wireless Ultrasound System: B/B+M/Color/PW modes, convex/linear probes, 2.4G/5G WiFi, advanced measurements, mobile/tablet/PC storage, quick start, compact.

X3 portable color ultrasound
Ultrasound scanner

X3 Portable Color Ultrasound System: High precision, <15s startup, lightweight, 15.6" LED color monitor, 2D/3D/4D/Doppler modes, USB export, multi-purpose probes, CE standard.

E2 portable color ultrasound
Ultrasound scanner

E2 Portable Color Ultrasound Machine: 15.6" HD LED screen, integrated dopplers, auto settings, Doppler calculations, 2 probe ports, automatic reports, multi-purpose probes, CE standard.