E2 portable color ultrasound

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E2 Portable Color Ultrasound Machine - Advanced Technology for Precise Diagnosis

The E2 Portable Color Ultrasound System is a high-end ultrasound imaging system, designed to provide accurate diagnostics with exceptional ease of use. This device is an ideal choice for a wide range of medical applications.

  • HD LED screen : 15.6 inch color screen, adjustable and anti-glare, for optimal viewing.
  • Integrated Dopplers : Includes color, pulse, energy, and bi-directional energy Doppler features.
  • Automatic settings : Automatic adjustment of the gain and the Doppler spectrum.
  • Pulse Doppler calculations : Automatic measurement of heart rate, resistance index, and pulsatility.
  • Probe ports : Two active probe ports for maximum flexibility during exams.
  • Automated Report : Incorporates measurements, images, and curves for comprehensive reports.
  • Long-lasting battery : 2 hour battery life for continuous use.
  • Multipurpose probes :
  • Linear probe: 5-16 MHz.
  • Abdominal probe: 1-6 MHz.
  • Cardiac and Transcranial Probe: 1-5 MHz.
  • Safety Standard : CE certified, ensuring quality and compliance.

The E2 Portable Color Ultrasound System is an ideal solution for healthcare professionals looking for high quality ultrasound imaging combined with portability and ease of use.

E2 portable color ultrasound

  • Screen: 15.6 inch HD LED color screen, adjustable and anti-glare
  • Dopplers:
  • Color, pulse, energy, and bi-directional energy
  • Setting mode:
  • Automatic gain and Doppler spectrum
  • Automatic Pulse Doppler calculations:
  • Heart rate, resistance index, and pulsatility index...
  • Probe ports:
  • 2 active probe ports
  • Integrated Automatic Reporting:
  • Measurements, images, curves...
  • Battery:
  • 2 hour battery life
  • Easy transition:
  • 2 active probe ports for easy transition between exams
  • Available probes:
  • Multipurpose Linear Probe, Frequency Range: 5-16 Mhz
  • Multipurpose Abdominal Probe, Frequency Range: 1-6 Mhz
  • Cardiac and Transcranial Probe, Frequency Range: 1-5 Mhz
  • Standard: THIS

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