Malaria rapid test kit

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Accu-Tell® Malaria Rapid Test Kit

The Accu-Tell® Malaria P.F/PAN Rapid Test Kit is a vital diagnostic tool for the rapid and reliable detection of malaria. Designed to detect HRP-II antigens specific to P. falciparum and aldolase antigens found in P. falciparum, P. vivax, P. ovale, and P. malariae, this test provides accurate results in as little as 15 minutes.

  • Easy and versatile use: Compatible with whole blood samples, both capillary (fingertips) and venous.
  • Simple preparation: No centrifuge required. Skin cleaning with an alcohol swab and a disposable sterile lancet are sufficient for sampling.
  • High reliability: Provides rapid and reliable results that are essential for the early diagnosis and treatment of malaria.
  • Contents of the kit: Each pack includes 20 test cassettes and one bottle of buffer solution.

This kit, which is easy to use and does not require complex equipment, is ideal for healthcare professionals in a variety of settings, including remote areas or primary care facilities.

Malaria rapid test kit

Malaria rapid test

Reliable result after 15 minutes

The test Accu-Tell® Malaria P.F/Pan Rapid Test for Whole Blood is a rapid and qualitative test for the detection of HRP-II antigens specific to P. falciparum or aldolase antigens found in P. falciparum (P.f.), P. vivax (P.V.), P. oval (P.o.) and P. malariae (p.m.).

The rapid test Accu-Tell® Malaria P.F/Pan is carried out from whole blood samples. Whole blood from the fingertips or venous whole blood can be used as well. To obtain a capillary blood sample, clean the skin with an alcohol swab, prick the fingertip with a disposable sterile lancet, and wipe off the first drop of blood that comes out.

  • Centrifuge not required
  • Quick and easy to do
  • 1 pack with 20 test cassettes and 1 bottle of buffer solution

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Malaria rapid test kit

Accu-Tell® Malaria P.F/PAN Rapid Test Kit: Fast and reliable malaria diagnosis in 15 minutes. Simple, without a centrifuge, suitable for capillary and venous blood. Contains 20 test cassettes and buffer solution.

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