Metallic suction pad electrodes

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Electrocardiogram Metallic Suction Electrodes

The Metallic Suction Electrodes, with a diameter of 30 mm, are specially designed for use in routine electrocardiography. These precordial electrodes, often referred to as pears, are essential for the accurate and reliable recording of electrocardiograms.

  • Optimal grip: Their metal suction cup design ensures a solid grip on the patient's skin, achieved by creating a depression by pressing the pear.
  • Universal compatibility: Adapted to various types of ECG cables, they can be connected via banana plug, press or clip, offering great flexibility.
  • High quality signal: For optimal recording, these electrodes are often used with a conductive gel or spray, improving the quality of the captured signal.
  • Versatility and Reliability: Ideal for doctors' offices, hospitals, and clinics, these electrodes are a reliable choice for healthcare professionals.

These electrodes are designed to meet the requirements of healthcare professionals for accuracy and reliability in ECG recording.

Metallic suction pad electrodes

Diameter: 30 mm

These precordial electrodes (pears) are designed for routine electrocardiogram recording. Their metal suction cup sticks to the patient's skin thanks to the depression obtained by pressing the pear.

Suitable for cables with different types of connection: banana plug, press, clip. For better signal quality, they are often used with a gel or a conductive spray.

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Metallic suction pad electrodes

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