ECG Cardioline touch HD+

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Touch ECG HD+ Windows With Glasgow Option - Advanced Electrocardiography Solution

The Touch ECG HD+ Windows with Glasgow Option is a high-end electrocardiograph designed to provide accurate and detailed ECG analyses. This device is ideal for healthcare professionals in clinical or hospital settings.

  • Wireless Data Transfer : Uses Bluetooth 2.0+ for secure data transfer.
  • Operating System Compatibility : Works with Windows 7, 8 Pro, and 10, in 32 or 64 bits.
  • 12-lead ECG : Enables a comprehensive core analysis with 115 dB CMRR.
  • High Sample Rate : Up to 1000 samples/second/channel.
  • High A/D conversion and resolution : 24 bits with a resolution of 20 bits, < 1uV/lsb.
  • Robustness and resistance : Shockproof up to 1 m and water resistant with an IP 40/IP 42 standard.
  • Versatile Printing and File Transfer : A4 printing via wifi and support for multiple file formats.
  • Data Management and Integration : Simplified case management and integration with clinical databases and management systems, including PACS.
  • Norms and Modes : Complies with ANSI, ACC, AAMI, AHA standards, with manual and monitoring modes.
  • Advanced Features : Heart rate buzzer, Glasgow automatic interpretation software, QT calculation, emergency threshold for the ECG.
  • Food and Certification : Powered by 2 AAA batteries and CE0476 certified.

The Touch ECG HD+ Windows with Glasgow Option is an indispensable device for cardiologists and healthcare professionals who require state-of-the-art electrocardiography technology.

Touch ECG HD+ Windows With Glasgow Option

  • Wireless data transfer: Bluetooth 2.0+ with “secure pairing”
  • Operating systems: Windows 7, 8 pro, 10 in 32 or 64 bits
  • ECG leads: 12-derivations
  • CMRR: 115 dB
  • Sample rate: up to 1000 samples/second/channel in analysis/storage
  • A/D conversion: 24 bit resolution 20 bit, < 1uV/LSB (I, II, III, Avr-l-f, V1-6)
  • Shock resistance: up to 1 m
  • Water resistance: IP 40/IP 42
  • Programmable button, LED indicator on the status of the device
  • Printing: A4 with print canvas (wifi connection with printer)
  • Supported files for exam transfer: .scp, .pdf, in images.png or.jpg files, XML standard, GDT, DICOM standard optional
  • Task list management, patient database import, simplified case management
  • Integration with clinical database systems, as well as archives or management systems, including hospital PACS
  • Signal standards: SO, ACC, AMAMI, AHA
  • Dual mode: manual or monitoring
  • Heart rate buzzer
  • Glasgow automatic interpretation software
  • QT calculation using the Fridricia and Bazzet formula
  • Possibility to define a threshold for an ECG emergency
  • Battery: 2 standard AAA batteries
  • Certificate: CE0476

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ECG Cardioline touch HD+

Touch ECG HD+ Windows with Glasgow: Bluetooth transfer, Windows compatible, 12-lead ECG, high resolution, robust, wifi printing, Glasgow software, CE0476 certified.

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