Changelog - 28th december

Medconnect changelog for 28th december

Changelog - 28th december


28 december


  • MED-1298: All pages are now mobile-friendly, enhancing user experience across devices.
  • Added infrastructure as code to improve deployment processes.
  • New SonarQube integration to Continuous Integration (CI) for better code quality checks.
  • QR Code functionality to the Documents component for quick access and sharing.
  • Readme and Docker compose for deploying an instance of the learning management system.


  • Updated deployment variables and scripts for more efficient and reliable deployment.
  • MED-1309: Optimized variables for deployment processes.
  • Updated production Dockerfile for better build performance and security.
  • Updated the Helm chart to reflect the latest deployment configurations.


  • Fixed a bug in the login functionality, enhancing system security and reliability.
  • Resolved issues with consultation creation logic for improved data accuracy.
  • Addressed a query bug in the emergencies room feature, improving response time and reliability.
  • Removed extraneous console logs for cleaner code and better performance.
  • Fixed patient queries to improve data retrieval and system performance.
  • Fixed an error in the Netsoins API related to emergency services.


  • Removed unnecessary code and files to streamline operations and reduce system complexity.


  • Hotfix for search functionality to enhance system stability and security.

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