Changelog - 16 november

Changes to the medconnect Platform on 16th november

Changelog - 16 november


16 November 2023


  • MED-1263: Unified user management on the server.
  • MED-1296: Translations for vital signs.
  • MED-1301: Enhanced system for reminders.
  • MED-1306, MED-1312, MED-1316: New features (details not specified in PR).
  • MED-1290: Keycloak login page for Web React, including magic link functionality.
  • MED-1291: Onboarding process enhancements.


  • MED-1315: Removed /auth from the pipeline.
  • Keycloak Public URL: Added value for Keycloak public URL.
  • Keycloak Theme Metadata: Updated Keycloak theme metadata.
  • Dockerfile and Deployment Scripts: Various updates and improvements.
  • Helm Chart: Updated the Helm chart for deployment.


  • Issues preventing Medconnect patient from functioning properly.
  • Deployment errors and issues in the testing script.
  • MED-1209 (Ordoclic): Fixed issues with Ordoclic integration.
  • Hotfix: Addressed search-related issues.


  • Unused measures and outdated PPK copying process.
  • External Accounts and Patient Fix: Removed external account dependencies for better patient management.

Fast Forward and Migrations

  • Fast-forward developments on various modules.
  • Database Migrations: Enhanced try-catch blocks during migrations for account stability.

Note: For some PRs, the specific details of the changes were not provided. It is recommended to add a brief description for each PR in future changelogs to enhance clarity and communication with your users.

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